Frequently Asked Questions

Carpet Cleaner Vans Oxfordshire


Q. Do we clean any type of carpet?

A. Yes we do. Using appropriate care we can clean any carpet by taking into account multiple factors. Carpets are made from many different types of fibres (both natural and man-made) and contructed very differently. As such each has its own unique way of reacting to water, heat and chemicals, so we certainly won’t simply walk in all-guns-blazing and blast your carpets with full power. We always test each carpet for material and construction before we decide how to clean it most appropriately.


Q. What type of cleaning system do you use?

A. We mainly use true ‘hot water extraction’ from a Prochem ‘truck-mounted’ machine. far superior to all other solutions in sheer cleaning power, it provides hot soapy water up to 85 degrees and up to 1000 PSI pressure! As explained above, only on the very severest of jobs, and only after very careful consideration do we ever dream of turning her right up.  the vast majority of Carpet Cleaners use small portable, essentially cold water units that simply don’t have this ‘go-big’ option due to being much less powerful ‘portable’ machines or (god forbid) RugDoctor! We do also offer ‘dry cleaning’ option for very sensitive rugs. Speaking of which…

Q. Because you work from a great big machine that remains in your van. Will you be able to access my rooms?

A. Unless you live on the 3rd floor or above, and/or have no parking anywhere near your property – then more than likely yes. Our hoses reach upto 60 metres (60 large steps) and only on the very odd occasion have we not found a way. If in doubt, pop over to the furthest area to be cleaned and walk towards the nearest clear/safe parkable area with no vehicular or pedestrian traffic. If you cannot get there in 60 large steps then (Houston)we may have a problem – though I’m sure you’ll find 60 BIG  steps is a loooooong way!


When you consider a suitable parking space, please bear in mind factors such as: double yellow lines, restricted parking times etc. Also remember we need to run hoses from the van – so the access and egress of other building users and pedestrians needs to be considered – we really don’t want anyone tripping over our hoses!


Q. Do you clean rugs?

A. We can, however: Even though a rug may appear to be essentially a little carpet, they are in fact much more time consuming being constructed differently, made of different (often delicate natural) fibres and often containing many different colours (dyes) which can bleed. This means that great care is required not to make a horrible Kaleidoscope mess that all ends in tears.  So generally it all depends on the size and quality of the rug you want cleaning. If you have an Ikea or Habitat number then yes we’ll clean it no problem (though expect it to be more expensive than a fixed carpet due to the procedures required). If you have a modern Afgan style rug then we would more than likely be able to clean it safely, but would need to inspect it and test before accepting. If you do have a really expensive Afgan family heirloom then please take it to specialist reputable rug cleaner – don’t take the risk!


Q. You’re more expensive than ‘ABC’ Cleaners. Why is that?

A. Short answer: ‘ABC’ like the vast majority of ‘Carpet Cleaners’ are probably general ‘jack-of-all-trades cleaners who offer 101 different services and happen to offer carpet cleaning as one of them. This means they probably have little or no training, limited experience and more-than-likely cheap and chearful equipment that doesn’t work very well. We have invested over £30,000 in the best equipment and training – so with carpet cleaning (like anything else in life) you very probably get what you pay for. A far more comprehensive explanation can be found HERE


Q. Someone once told me ‘steam cleaning’ shrinks/wrinkles carpets. Is that true?

A. Yes it certainly can but with a trained Professional Carpet Cleaner it really should never happen! Shrinking and wrinkling are 99/100 caused by a combination of far too much water applied from a cheap, ineffective machine getting carpet too wet going over and over the same spot. It can also be caused by too much heat and probably aided by a badly fitted carpet (not secured). Just another good reason to choose your Carpet Cleaner carefully!


Q. Can you guarantee to make our carpet spotless?

A. No we cannot and no honest and ethical Carpet Cleaner should ever claim to make a carpet spotless (unless of course it is already spotless before cleaning). What we do Guarantee however, is that we will do the best job possible and bring your carpets back to the best condition that is reasonably practicable. Because of a variety of factors, each and every carpet cleans up differently (and often unexpectedly both good and bad). Generally, carpets made from man-made fibres clean-up pretty well because they are more resilient and less absorbant. Generally, natural fibres such as wool and anything cellulosic (plants) demand to be more gently treated. This compounded by the fact they’re more absorbant and hang onto any stains/discolouration means that ironically, the more expensive the carpet, very often the harder it is to clean!


Q. I have small children/animals. Are your chemicals harmful?

A. We only ever use the very best Prochem™ products. This means that even though it’s probably not advisable to drink the cleaning products we use, in reality they are broadly comparable to any other household cleaner such as washing up liquid. We occassionally use some stronger products and solvents for spot cleaning but these are only ever used in very small quantities and in controlled conditions. There is very little in the way of spray or air-borne vapours anyway so broadly speaking – nothing whatsoever to worry about.


Q. What’s the difference between an ‘Overall’ clean and ‘Spill and spot stain removal’?

A. An ‘Over-all’ clean is a ‘broad- stoke’ clean which covers a large area at once – using large tools. We’re provide cast-iron quotes over the phone or online for these. See HERE. Our top quality, ultra-powerful equipment means that the vast majority of spills we tackle in an ‘Over-all’ clean will dissappear, however others such as tea, coffee, red wine, make-up and urine etc will require different chemistry to re-liquify and extract. This involves closer attention down on our hands and knees – and even after all that effort no spill or stains can ever be guaranteed to be fully removed. Sorry, please don’t shoot the messenger.


Q. Are you fully insured – I mean, what if you break something or ruin our carpets?

A. We are indeed! The fact we are trained professionals means that situation is extremely unlikely (touch wood). Please also be aware that many other cleaners may think they are fully insured but are actually not! The majority of public liability insurance only covers accidental damage to other property – but does not cover the actual item being cleaned. Make sure that everything is fully covered if this is of concern to you.


Q. Have you received appropriate training?

A. We have been trained by Prochem – arguably the biggest and best industry provider. In all honesty Carpet Cleaning can’t be claimed to be up there with brain sergury and rocket-science, but it can still go badly wrong to the unaware and there is more skill to it than many may think.


Q. We’re leaving a rented property and just want a receipt for the Letting Agent. Will you provide us one for a ‘drink’?

A. Ermmm…No. What do you take us for?


Q. Do we clean upholstery

A. We are specialist Carpet Cleaners. having said that, we can also clean upholstery. To be brutally honest, we find carpets lots more satisfying as well as being quicker, easier and far more resilient. By all means ask if you would like us to spruce up a cheap and chearful sofa or chair while we’re doing your carpets, but we certainly don’t claim to be specialist in upholstery cleaner.


Q. Are all Carpet Cleaners the same?

A. We’d like to think not – what do you think? See HERE

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